About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction, customer care, and customer confidence in a way that will not only exceed their expectations; that will not only exceed any standard we have ever seen in the automotive repair industry; but in a way that will exceed even our own goals, and also the goals of this mission statement.

At Jerry's Automotive Center, our philosophy is simple. We never promise more than we can deliver and we always give the customer more than they expect. We know that customer service is not enough. That is why we strive for customer loyalty EVERYDAY. We have the best in tires and automotive technology. We are a full services automotive center.

Jerry's Automotive Center demands the highest quality from ourselves and also from the parts and services that we provide for your vehicle. We simply will not sacrifice quality for profit margin. We spend many hours researching the best options to provide you with the best quality that your money can buy. We have a "best bang for your buck" attitude, that we use to approach every service and repair that is performed on your vehicle.

We live it, breath it, embrace it, teach it, promote it in everything that we do, and every choice we make!

"We Care" is not just a catch phrase, it's How We Do Business!!